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"Mass Consulting" is, I think, a better term for the service I render from the platform. I fine-tune each topic to who your attendees are and what is most beneficial for them to know from me.

As you see below, I have many speaker topics relative to the Internet, to Marketing, and to applying the Net as a productivity tool. Notice the last topic is called "Custom-Built" to indicate exactly how much goes into each presentation. The presentation for the American Society of Travel Agents naturally looked very different from what I did for the CEO and top execs at Electrolux.

Discovery Session
At least one month before the event, you and I have a 75 minute "Discovery Session" by phone. I'll have reviewed all the materials I will have asked you to send me prior to the call, so I'll undoubtedly have questions that I will bring to our session. But mostly I'm there to listen to you.

During this discovery session, I learn about the type of people who make up the audience. The marketer in me moves towards knowing the audience before trying to communicate with them. Sometimes there are audiences within audiences. Once we establish who they are, work can begin on what we want them to know. Sometimes referred to as "the walk-away," I want people to be able to return to their respective missions and be able to employ strategies and tactics that aid them in your enterprise.

The PowerPoint part of my presentation is sent to you one week before the event so you can produce handouts and have them shipped to the event's location. There are three PowerPoint slides to a page with little note fields juxtaposed so attendees can take notes against the associated graphic that was showing at the time. I find this helps comprehension.

Speaker Topics
1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - Internet Style

The Net is an extraordinary tool for acquiring, maintaining and rewarding both clients and customers alike. In this presentation we examine how you can leverage the Net, (and your own existing networks), to your specific circumstances.

2. Using the Net to Work Faster, Cheaper, Smarter

Being smart about saving money and running a tighter ship is always in vogue and is often a competitive advantage. "Faster, Cheaper, Smarter" can be applied to any segment of an enterprise, no matter if it's HR, Purchasing, Marketing, Sales or Production. I share the best and brightest examples applicable to you. These examples come from my experiences with clients, and from my years of observing what works and what doesn't work as publisher of Web Digest for Marketers.

3. Benchmark Survey

Who are your top three competitors? What can their websites teach us? How are they stronger than you? How are they weaker? How do their efforts match up against yours? These are the sorts of things examined in this presentation. We examine not only examples in your category, but also in your "Contiguous Category" and "Far Away Category". You can often be the first to migrate good ideas into your own category and thereby claim a competitive advantage.

4. Internet Marketing i.e. Direct Marketing

Good Online marketers are Direct Marketers, whether they realize it or not! Click-throughs equal lead generation, a banner is really an outer envelope and actions such as sales or subscribing to an email newsletter are conversions, in direct marketing speak.

Tracking response rates of different copy, different offers and different email lists also has direct marketing written all over it. So yes, we examine how online marketing mimics direct marketing, but also underscore how it is different. After all, every new medium offers both new approaches as well as some drawbacks.

How to Survive: How to Thrive on the Net
Even with all the .com carnage, no one is seriously saying the Net was a flash in the pan. We all know it's here to stay and continues to have a profound impact on our business and personal lives. So what then is your relationship to it? Or what should it be? Maybe it's more of a productivity tool than a marketing tool for you, or maybe vice versa. In short, what is a sensible agenda for you and the Net? Knowing where not to go is every bit as important as where you ultimately journey to on the Net. Remember "push technology?" You want to be sure to avoid the next "push technology" but be on board for true trends like Email Marketing. I share with you some of the indicators I use to determine what's real and what isn't. In this presentation I invite the audience to write down "future headlines," and to share them during Q & A. This exercise gets people to think about what may happen next in their own realm, how it might affect them and what they can do about it now.

Custom-Built Presentation
Often, clients want pieces of the above topics, and even other modules added that are worked out during the Discovery Session one month prior to the event.

Each of these presentations are built from the ground up, based on input I receive from you. This is why I refer to it as "mass consulting." These programs are designed to directly address the issues you've expressed. It's a process that has worked well for folks like Fidelity Investments, NationalLease, American Society of Travel Agents, Electrolux, KPMG, and many others.

How to Have Larry Speak to Your Group

Click here or call (646) 535-8160 during business hours Eastern Time. Share with me the type of content you want covered. We'll discuss whether or not we're a good match. If we agree that we are, I'll put you in touch with one of my managers so you can make the appropriate arrangements.

I look forward to hearing from you .

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